Citizenship test preparation classes

Discover Canada
Discover Canada booklet is available through the IRCC website, and can be read online, listened to as an audiobook, downloaded in an electronic format as a PDF file or an e-book, or ordered as a printed booklet.

IRSA offers free citizenship test preparation classes to permanent residents who have applied for Canadian citizenship and have been accepted to write the citizenship test. Classes cover the material from the book Discover Canada and provide sample tests, study aids, and complementary resources. Participants have to be registered clients of IRSA.

Topics covered include Canadian symbols, rights and responsibilities of Canadian citizens, Canadian history, modern Canada, regions of Canada, and Canadian governance, justice, and electoral systems.

Classes are delivered in four sessions and organized periodically before Citizenship tests are scheduled to be written. The dates vary from year to year. Classes are usually held from 6:00 to 8:00 pm at IRSA's main office. If more clients register for classes than can be accommodated, priority will be given to those who are scheduled to write their test soon.

Clients participating in Citizenship Test Preparation classes are asked to arrive a few minutes before the class starts and to have a copy of Discover Canada. The booklet is available through Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website.

Citizenship test preparation classes will be scheduled as soon as IRSA staff become aware of test dates. If you are a permanent resident preparing to take the Canadian citizenship test and are a registered Immigrant Services client, please contact us to register for a seat in the next available class:

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Citizenship Test Preparation Classes