Holiday Host volunteer program

The Holiday Host volunteer program, run by the IRSA Community Connections program, connects newcomers to Canada with well-settled Canadians to enjoy some aspect of the festive season together. Established Islanders who would like to volunteer as Holiday Hosts and invite newcomers into their homes are matched with individuals or families who want to experience Canadian seasonal traditions over the holidays.

Holiday Host program activities

The meal, seasonal activity, or party invitation from the Holiday Host usually falls either around Thanksgiving Day (the second Monday in October) or between December 21st and January 1st. Hosts and newcomers from anywhere on the Island can participate in the Program.

A great volunteer opportunity

The Holiday Host program offers established Islanders a chance to welcome new neighbours from around the world and participate in a cultural exchange. It is a one-time short-term volunteer commitment.

A chance to learn about Canadian culture

As a newcomer participating in the Holiday Host program, you can meet new people, try different foods, and experience a part of the holidays in Canada in a warm and welcoming place.