Interpretation and translation services

Interpretation services

At IRSA, we provide interpretation for all clients regardless of their immigration class. The interpreters we engage are trained and certified by IRSA. Interpretation for the following services is free of charge:

  • Initial intake at IRSA
  • Meetings with IRSA staff
  • Completion of applications for all essential documents and services
  • Medical appointments (including dental and vision appointments)
  • School registrations
  • Parent/teacher interviews

For other needs, if IRSA cannot provide free interpretation, we may be able to connect the client with an interpreter directly. In those cases, payment would be arranged between the client and interpreter for a fee set by the interpreter.

Translation services

We provide translation services on a fee-for-service basis for the following:

  • Foreign driver's licence — $50.00 per licence ($30.00 for students)
  • Employment-related documents

Translation of any document other than a driver's licence is provided at a rate of 20 cents per word.